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There are many ways to help us fulfill our mission: to Strengthen the fabric of goodwill in the world through innovative courses that support people to create lives they love.

This option is for those who shop and have an account on Amazon. That isn’t hard to sign up for, but it isn’t for everyone and we get that. But if you do have an account, consider also signing up with AmazonSmile, designating EXCELLENCE NORTHWEST as your charity of choice and using them to sign into Amazon when you shop! Here’s how:

•    Have an existing account, or sign up for one.
•    Go to and select EXCELLENCE NORTHWEST as your charitable organization (there is a place to type it in, and as you do, it may pop up on the drop-down menu), This choice will be remembered.
•    The next time you want to shop Amazon, start at, type in your user name and password from that page and you will pop into Amazon; your charity choice will be above your name. Shop, pay, and leave.
•    Just remember to start at each time you shop Amazon… we recommend setting up a bookmark for your browser, to make it simple.
•    For more help visit


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