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ReSet NOW! - Our New Online Version

ReSet for MORE Excellence, our flagship program, is foundational for those who want to be leaders in their own lives.  It addresses key elements of success and fulfillment in such a way that participants learn in a short period of time what it often takes years of experience to learn. 


Knowing how challenging our current situation is and how immediately impactful our courses are in supporting people to not only survive but thrive in any circumstances, we want you to get the tools NOW!


We have transformed our in-person offering into a dynamic virtual experience so don't have to wait!  We have isolated and will deliver those concepts and tools we believe will empower you most now and will support you be much more resilient once we emerge from the pandemic.


The new, shortened version of ReSet for MORE Excellence, is called "ReSet NOW!" 


Through this one week engaging course, including a ten-day follow-up, you will immediately:


·  Enhance your effectiveness through uncovering and replacing self-limiting beliefs and catastrophic thinking with empowering

·  Enhance your emotional intelligence during this challenging time;

·  Step into your personal power; and

·  Make meaningful connections and draw support from the group.


Here are details for our initial offering of ReSet NOW!


WHO:     Group Size will be limited to 20 (4 small teams of 5 with a coach). 

WHAT:     High impact training that equips participants with knowledge and skills that distinguish those who are successful and
                fulfilled in their lives. 

WHERE:   From the comfort of your own home (using ZOOM).

WHEN:     Available almost every month for different days & times to try and fit everyone's schedule. Please contact Dawn or visit the home page at



November 26-29, 2021 to be led by Leslie Brown.  Hours are:

Friday:                6-9:30pm

Saturday:            9-5pm

Sunday:              9-5pm

Monday:             6-9:30pm




WHY:        Our mission is to champion goodwill through commitment to living life in  alignment with purpose and through fostering meaningful connection in  community.  ReSet NOW! provides transformational education at its best!


TUITION:  Whatever you pay for ReSet NOW can be applied to and taken off Higher Level Tuition.

* Bronze Level: $195 (Fee for online ReSet).

* Silver Level: $395 (Lifetime membership to take online ReSet plus bonus modules including “Conflict Resolution with Integrity” and “Leadership Styles: How To Deal With Difficult People & Everyone Is Somebody’s Difficult Person”)

* Gold Level: $695 (Bonus includes In-Person program plus Lifetime Audit Privilege to Online & In-Person programs).



Online Registration:

Please contact or call us at 360-734-2507 for more information

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